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If your faucet is dripping, leaking, or making noise call Houston Plumbing. We are experts in the field of kitchen & bathroom faucet repair services. We are your Texas Faucet Repair Experts! Book a service call.

Faucet Repair Services Texas?

Faucets can be a difficult repair. Especially when the pipes are non-serviceable or the fittings have become seized. We can fix these faucets with ease, call us. We are licensed, bonded & insured in the state of Texas. View our plumbing license here.

Sink & Faucet Repair Repairs The Right Way!

We have experience in dealing with the extensive list of brand names above, from the basic stainless steel model through the designer option. Our process in Houston Plumbing, if fast, comprehensive and competitively priced. Call us now. We can service the following brands of faucets:

Any Drain Stoppage

If you decide to use a chemical drain cleaner, be very careful. Follow the directions and react immediately if you get the drain cleaner on your skin, eyes or even clothes. As a general aid to avoid getting drain blockages the following natural solution works really well. Pour 1/2 cup baking soda into your drain, followed by 1/2 cup of white vinegar. The baking soda is basic and the vinegar is acidic, so they will react with a churning action that will help keep the drain clean without dangerous chemicals.

However, many times these options will not work with a blockage – please contact Houston Plumbing for a free evaluation and quote.

Leaking Faucets In Texas & Clearwater Homes

There are four major designs of faucets; compression, ceramic disk, cartridge and ball. Faucets in your kitchen or bathroom are all the same and are based upon the four major designs. When dealing with a leaky faucet, you need to remember that the loss of water is costly and you are reducing our natural resources.. A steady drip can waste $20 or more in water in a short time. Multiply that figure by the number of faucet drips in your home, and you can calculate how much of your money is literally going down the drain. The waste from a dripping hot water faucet is even more because you’re also paying to heat the water before it goes down the drain.

What’s The Solution To Faucet Problems?

Remember the water supply enters your home under pressure, so there must be a watertight seal holding back the incoming water when the faucet handle is in the OFF position. That seal is usually created by a washer pressed tightly against the faucet seat. Obviously, when the washer or the seat is not functioning properly, a little water can seep through and drip out of the faucet spout. To stop the drip, all you usually have to do is replace the washer or repair the seat.

Drain Assembly is leaking as drain trap assemblies have several parts, we would suggest that you let a professional install your – call Houston Plumbing for a speedy solution.

Trust Houston Plumbing With Your Sink & Faucet Repairs

Houston Plumbing has always been Texas’s first choice for professional, reliable sink & faucet repair services in the Texas Bay area. We are professional licensed, bonded, and insured. Do not trust other plumbing companies that are not licensed that operate here in the bay area. We have the most technologically advanced sink & faucet repair and repair tools & equipment available. We treat every clogged drain project like an emergency and never sacrifice quality. With over 40,000 residents serviced, Texas Plumbers knows sink & faucet repair! Just read our testimonials & reviews. We are a top rated plumbing contractor on Google.

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